MEDA302 Week 9

This week I continued to work on developing my concept and writing the poems. I decided that I would take a break from trying to record video or record music this week until I further develop my concept. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 9”


One of the many issues in Bangladesh…

I have lived at an International House college for 3 years now. I am surrounded by people from all around the globe. I have met people from the US, South America, Spain, India, China, Japan and Malta to name a few. Over these years I have learnt so much from these people by sitting down and having proper in depth conversations with them. From these conversations I have grown so much more and become more open. These conversations have inspired me to do more independent research and further understand other cultures, practices and traditions.

For this autoethnographic study, this conversation began not so long ago… Continue reading “One of the many issues in Bangladesh…”

MEDA302 Week 5

This week we were instructed to work on our portfolio for Assessment 1. Specifically, we had to draft statements and test them on each other in the classroom. The statement is to read like a narrative but also be concise and to the point. In our statements we needed to cover Art/Media, context, Theory/Philosophy and skills. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 5”

MEDA302 Week 4

This week, Jo and Matt took the class to Sydney to check out a few exhibitions. The goal of this trip was to see how contemporary artists are presenting their work to the audience. It was also for students like me who are struggling to define their idea for their final project. For me specifically, I was using it as an opportunity to get some inspiration so I could finally try and define my practice. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 4”