Television in Translation: The Comedy of Culture

[WARNING: The content of the video clips linked to this blog contain strong coarse language, sexual references and adult themes. These clips are not recommended for children under 15 years of age]

Television. We all watch it. There are many different television channels and programs. This is due to the variety of interests people have all around the globe. People want to be entertained and Television bestows this gift go entertainment. People like certain television programs and dislike others. There are many different genres of entertainment including comedy, drama, action, adventure and soap opera, etc. That is why channels exist, to suit different peoples’ entertainment needs, if someone doesn’t like a television program they have the ability change channel until they find a program that entertains them. Comedy is a very popular genre. However, humour is incredibly subjective. What is hilarious to one person might be extremely insulting to another. Humour also varies depending on culture. For example, British Humour is substantially different to American Humour as demonstrated in the Article “The Difference Between American And British Humour”, by Ricky Gervais. Continue reading “Television in Translation: The Comedy of Culture”


Globalisation: Positives and Negatives

The process of Globalisation has been around for centuries. However, the term Globalisation only surfaced roughly two decades ago. Even when the term became prominent among society, it was always difficult to define as it is such a broad term that spans many avenues. Continue reading “Globalisation: Positives and Negatives”

“Tedious Weeds that the Media Breeds…” – Anthony Kiedis

When it comes to the media, whether it be social, print or televised, many topics covered are open to various opinions and perspectives resulting in an ultimate sense of speculation. Any form of media can have a detrimental effect on the world around us. It has become the means by which we as the public receive and interpret information; and because there are so many different types of media, every story is told in a different way. Creating a world with vastly different opinions. Continue reading ““Tedious Weeds that the Media Breeds…” – Anthony Kiedis”