Bangladesh: An Insider’s Perspective (Autoethnography)


To me, Asia has been a continent that seems so far away. Growing up living in Australia, Asia was an entirely different lifestyle and seemed so foreign to anyway of living I could ever imagine. The closest I had been to Asian culture for a long time was Kung Fu Panda and Sushi. However, I quickly abandoned these misconceptions when I took a trip to Indonesia in 2015 and travelled around the villages. I experienced so much culture and got to explore many unfamiliar landscapes. Experiencing the music, language and other festivities allowed me to open my eyes to the many opportunities this world holds. Although I had tasted Asia, there was still a lot to learn. I would be conducting my research in the form of an Autoethnography with reference to “Autoethnography: An Overview” by Ellis et al.

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Bangladesh and India: A systematic power struggle

Climate Change is no doubt our most pressing issue on this planet yet this is not apparent to us now because it is a “future us” problem and we will deal with it when it gets here. Oh, but that’s not how it works. Climate change is gradual and before we know it the problems are bigger than we imagined. Spooky stuff. Climate change affected water sources around the world, one example is the Ganges. Continue reading “Bangladesh and India: A systematic power struggle”

One of the many issues in Bangladesh…

I have lived at an International House college for 3 years now. I am surrounded by people from all around the globe. I have met people from the US, South America, Spain, India, China, Japan and Malta to name a few. Over these years I have learnt so much from these people by sitting down and having proper in depth conversations with them. From these conversations I have grown so much more and become more open. These conversations have inspired me to do more independent research and further understand other cultures, practices and traditions.

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“State of Play” A non-gamers interpretation

The documentary “State of Play” 2013 (not to be confused with the box office hit “State of Play” 2009 starring famous actor Russell Crowe) gives insight into the world of competitive e-sport gaming. Specifically looking at StarCraft in Korea. The documentary follows the lives of a team of South Korean professional gamers as they travel around competing against other gamers. Continue reading ““State of Play” A non-gamers interpretation”

Fruit Salad: Play-Testing

Play Test I:

IMG_3151.jpgI conducted my first play-test in class on 12th May 2017. I had whipped up a prototype of my board game that was made out of butchers paper and playdoh.

Many of my classmates had expressed interest in playing my board game and I soon found out why…PLAYDOH! They all were mesmerised by the playdoh and they kept playing with it after the play test was finished.

The playdoh really adds a nice touch of ludic play to my board game with the ability to create any fruit you want to.

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personas, fame and the mask

People are influenced by personality. We tend to follow and look-up-to personalities we can relate to. The internet and social media has given us means to create a “bio” which is a snippet of who we are and what we do. By creating an online persona we are presenting ourselves to other people in a way that can be very influential. Micro celebrities have emerged and they hold a great deal of power and influence over their followers.

An example of a well-established micro-celebrity is “Chase Eagleson”.
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.27 AMChase is a musician and he covers popular songs. He has quite a hefty following and has established himself across multiple platforms (twitch, youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook). Each online persona he has created across these platforms is consistent and they are all interconnected. People send in song requests to Chase and he plays them for his audience.

The question is, are these micro-celebs narcissistic or lonely? Are they honest or deceitful? Are they just wearing a mask?

Food for thought.