Bangladesh: An Insider’s Perspective (Autoethnography)


To me, Asia has been a continent that seems so far away. Growing up living in Australia, Asia was an entirely different lifestyle and seemed so foreign to anyway of living I could ever imagine. The closest I had been to Asian culture for a long time was Kung Fu Panda and Sushi. However, I quickly abandoned these misconceptions when I took a trip to Indonesia in 2015 and travelled around the villages. I experienced so much culture and got to explore many unfamiliar landscapes. Experiencing the music, language and other festivities allowed me to open my eyes to the many opportunities this world holds. Although I had tasted Asia, there was still a lot to learn. I would be conducting my research in the form of an Autoethnography with reference to “Autoethnography: An Overview” by Ellis et al.

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Veganism (Misconceptions and Experiences)

These last couple of weeks have been so insightful. I went Vegan for two weeks and have learnt so much about nutrition and what we consume.

Let me start right here, there are many misconceptions of veganism out there that we are completely oblivious too. Number 1 being DAIRY. At what point in time did we decide, “hey…do you know what could be fun to drink? Cows milk because obviously the calves don’t need it, so we’ll just give it a little try” (*Insert sarcastic tone here*).  Continue reading “Veganism (Misconceptions and Experiences)”

Pain of the Viewer

As humans, it is in our nature to feel a wide range of emotions. We tend to seek out the bad in things and we react and engage better with materials depicting suffering.

Hence why suffering is inherent in our media today. Dating back to examples of picture of burnt bodies, men falling to their death, children dying and other terrible occurrences. Why do these shocking images consistently appear in our media? Continue reading “Pain of the Viewer”


Selfies nowadays are considered normal. Everyone takes them, and they are all over social media. Apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram have fuelled the selfie and provided an easier and more accessible platform for people to take and share pictures of themselves with the public. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? What makes us want to take selfies? Why is it important? Is it empowerment or self-obsession? Continue reading “Selfie-powerment”