MEDA302 Critical Reflection: Final Project

My final work is a multi-modal film titled “Preserved Memory of Emotion” (PME). This film explores the relationship between advances in technology and human emotion by questioning our societal dependence on technology. Continue reading “MEDA302 Critical Reflection: Final Project”


MEDA302 Week 13

This is it. Week 13, the final push!

This week I edited my film and put the final touches on it. I added all the effects I wanted and made some adjustments to how I wanted the film to flow. With the completed product now, I feel like it is more suited to my concept. I feel like over these last couple of weeks the concept and the project have naturally developed themselves. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 13”

Bangladesh: An Insider’s Perspective (Autoethnography)


To me, Asia has been a continent that seems so far away. Growing up living in Australia, Asia was an entirely different lifestyle and seemed so foreign to anyway of living I could ever imagine. The closest I had been to Asian culture for a long time was Kung Fu Panda and Sushi. However, I quickly abandoned these misconceptions when I took a trip to Indonesia in 2015 and travelled around the villages. I experienced so much culture and got to explore many unfamiliar landscapes. Experiencing the music, language and other festivities allowed me to open my eyes to the many opportunities this world holds. Although I had tasted Asia, there was still a lot to learn. I would be conducting my research in the form of an Autoethnography with reference to “Autoethnography: An Overview” by Ellis et al.

Continue reading “Bangladesh: An Insider’s Perspective (Autoethnography)”

MEDA302 Week 12

This week I put my final project together, but not in the way I intended it to be put together. Originally, I had the idea that my project would be a compilation of short 1-minute videos. However, it is no longer a compilation but more of a short film. I took the best bits of content I made and edited it into a nice short multi-modal film. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 12”

MEDA302 Week 11

Week 11 = Crisis Week

This week I had planned to show my tutors Jo and Matt what I had done so far. However, I jumped on my computer and found out that their had been a file error and all 12 of my projects hadn’t saved. Luckily enough, I still had the individual video files and audio files. But all the work I had done editing them in week 10 had been deleted.

I was pretty guttered by this fact, so I decided to spend the lesson focusing on writing a clear spoken text dialogue for the final project. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 11”

MEDA302 Week 10

Over Mid-Semester break and Week 10 I was able to crank out a lot of work. Since I was finally clear on my concept, I was able to envision my final project and as a result, create appropriate content.

During the Mid-Semester break, I recorded 12 videos and 12 Audio tracks. All the audio tracks were piano compositions by me capturing a range of emotions. Some songs had darker tones and others had much lighter tones. The duration of these tunes ranged from 1-2 minutes each. Continue reading “MEDA302 Week 10”

Bangladesh and India: A systematic power struggle

Climate Change is no doubt our most pressing issue on this planet yet this is not apparent to us now because it is a “future us” problem and we will deal with it when it gets here. Oh, but that’s not how it works. Climate change is gradual and before we know it the problems are bigger than we imagined. Spooky stuff. Climate change affected water sources around the world, one example is the Ganges. Continue reading “Bangladesh and India: A systematic power struggle”