MEDA302 Week 9

This week I continued to work on developing my concept and writing the poems. I decided that I would take a break from trying to record video or record music this week until I further develop my concept.

I am having great difficulty writing the poems too. At the moment, they don’t seem genuine and they don’t really fit what I am trying to achieve. So I experimented with trying to write short snippets of dialogue. They still have a poetic element in the sense that they speak from a personal perspective, however they are more informal which makes it easier to blend with the music and the video I already have. I want the spoken dialogue to sound similar to “What’s he building” by Tom Waits. This way it has more of a narrative and creates a mysterious idea that we are hearing the thoughts of the person we are seeing on screen.

During this week I also worked on further developing my concept. So far, I am focusing on the emotions of the human mind in relation to the topic “Futures”.

With inspiration from Elysium and The 100, I am working on the idea of a future dystopia where we no longer live on earth. Technology has become so advanced that we now live inside a machine and nothing is natural; no more trees, no more animals, no more earth. Humans are now extremely intelligent, however, creatively we are lacking. The advances in Social Media have left a significant impact on the human mind. It is always active and as a result our minds have become emotionally numb. In order to recognise and remember what it meant to feel emotions, we must enter an empathy machine. This machine shows us someones memories via video, music and spoken word in the hope that it will stimulate the brain into regaining connection to our emotional side.

That is the general concept. Social media has always been a controversial topic. It is a demanding platform that demands participation. A lot of people get sucked into the social media vacuum and forget that it is just a tool that we should only use as a tool. This is a problem I wanted to address in my final project. The idea of an Empathy Machine is inspired from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” , where memories can be modified.

It was important to finally contextualise my concept so I can clearly focus on the direction of my project for the duration of the subject. I feel that in the upcoming weeks I will be able to clearly film and record with a clear vision in mind of what I want to see produced in the final product.



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