It’s the end of week 8 and I am still experimenting with Video and Audio. It is a struggle and I think this struggle is due to the fact that my concept is still not solid. So far my concept focuses on the emotions and reflective thought of people doing simple tasks. This is very similar to my early work on “Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle” in MEDA101. I needed to develop my concept further.

The overarching topic of MEDA302 is “Futures”. I have always had a fascination with sci-fi and advancing technology. My thoughts towards the future now is mostly thinking of where humanity will be in 50 years. Global problems like climate change, food scarcity and water quality will have an equally significant impact to that of developing technologies. For example, India is predicted to be water scarce by 2050. Additionally, Bangladesh is expected to be under water by 2050. These scary notions have got me thinking about life outside of earth. Where will we live when earth dies?

I remember at the beginning of the subject we watched a snippet of Elysium and I began to toy with the idea of life in the future. What will we need? What will we do?

Furthermore, I recently watched a TV series called “The 100”. This is a series based in the future where earth was considered uninhabitable and people moved out of earth onto a space station called the Arc. They eventually try to re-inhabit earth. I was fascinated by the idea of living on a space station.

For my concept, I was thinking of people living on a space station and how this would affect their emotions and human behaviour.

Overall, this week has been gathering information for my concept and further developing the context of it, as well as experimenting with recording videos, recording music and writing poems.


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