MEDA302 Week 7

This week I experimented with recording film as well as composing audio. I definitely didn’t stick to my schedule this week; 3 pieces of content per week deemed to be too much for me. However, I did a lot of trial and error recording.

I feel that I work very differently to my fellow students in the sense that I have a heavy focus on creation. For example, I composed several piano pieces this week to try and find the sound I was after for my final project. None felt right, so I kept moving on to the new pieces and writing pieces that evoke a specific emotion.

A constant factor in my concept so far has been emotion. There is a heavy focus on emotion and I want to channel the viewers emotional response. This week, I also wrote a few poems to try and get the ball rolling, but they didn’t quite fit what I was trying to achieve.

Furthermore, I used the digital camera to film some practice shots of my family doing chores around the house. The challenge I found was that when I filmed my family, they couldn’t act natural. They felt weird that there was a camera on them and as a result ended up laughing and ruining the shot. So when I eventually get to filming my friends for my final project, I will have to be selective and make sure I get people who are comfortable to be themselves in front of a camera. Below is my schedule of people to film:

At the moment, I am definitely at the experimental stage. I am playing around with the materials I have until I land on my feet. So all my recordings this week weren’t right which means as I continue to write I will be getting closer to finding the right ones.


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