Veganism (Misconceptions and Experiences)

These last couple of weeks have been so insightful. I went Vegan for two weeks and have learnt so much about nutrition and what we consume.

Let me start right here, there are many misconceptions of veganism out there that we are completely oblivious too. Number 1 being DAIRY. At what point in time did we decide, “hey…do you know what could be fun to drink? Cows milk because obviously the calves don’t need it, so we’ll just give it a little try” (*Insert sarcastic tone here*). 

Moving on before I get to distracted by the overwhelming amount of information on this topic, I went Vegan for two whole weeks, which doesn’t sound like much (believe me it isn’t) but believe me it was tough. Being a meat eater all my life, I had never put any thought to where it was coming from, I just ate what the majority of people ate. Never could I ever have thought that all this food came from such a dark place. Slaughter houses and dairy farms that mistreat and hinder animals from living as they normally would.

Here is a quick video of me going Vegan for 14 days. It is a brief snapshot of my experience. If you would like to know more about my personal experience feel free to comment and I will reply!


For the Digital Artefact component of my research, I conducted an interview.

Sarah Turner (20 yrs old) is a study abroad student from the US. She is the leader of the Veganism program at her University in North Carolina and she is very informed on all things Vegan. I was lucky enough to score an interview with Sarah where I asked her a few questions regarding her experiences with Veganism.

6 minutes into the interview Sarah mentions a “Woman who got her child taken away because the mother was feeding child vegan food”. The article for this can be found here. Sarah also mentions the astonishing affects of calcium and dairy products The China Study (pages 204-222 as well as parts of the “Obesity” Chapter).

Below are some videos I found on social media that I found interesting during my study of “Veganism”.


In summary, Veganism isn’t a foreign concept. It is not as alien as most of us may think. It’s hard to see outside the box we have, as a society, trapped ourselves in. Veganism is a choice, you don’t have to be vegan if you don’t want, no one is forcing you hand, BUT, the reason more and more people are becoming vegan is because they are learning more and more about the damaging affects of these non-vegan food industries on animals and the wellbeing of the life on this planet. The one thing to take away from this project is to be more open-minded towards concepts we don’t understand. Not to be fearful of them, but excited at the opportunities they hold. Moreover, not to reject these ideals, but understand and appreciate them.

Thank you very much for your time. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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