personas, fame and the mask

People are influenced by personality. We tend to follow and look-up-to personalities we can relate to. The internet and social media has given us means to create a “bio” which is a snippet of who we are and what we do. By creating an online persona we are presenting ourselves to other people in a way that can be very influential. Micro celebrities have emerged and they hold a great deal of power and influence over their followers.

An example of a well-established micro-celebrity is “Chase Eagleson”.
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.27 AMChase is a musician and he covers popular songs. He has quite a hefty following and has established himself across multiple platforms (twitch, youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook). Each online persona he has created across these platforms is consistent and they are all interconnected. People send in song requests to Chase and he plays them for his audience.

The question is, are these micro-celebs narcissistic or lonely? Are they honest or deceitful? Are they just wearing a mask?

Food for thought.


2 Replies to “personas, fame and the mask”

  1. Hey Nick,
    Chase is a good example of a micro-celebrity who has accumulated followers on multiple platforms. Do you think he has a different personality in real life than he does online? If so, do you think his online persona gains him more followers than his actual persona? Some famous singers actually have different personas on stage than they do in real life. This music blog even goes as far as suggesting Taylor Swift has a personality disorder. It may be an interesting read.


  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your example of a Micro-Celebrity as he had used a lot of platforms to rise to fame I wonder though does having an online persona mean you are more seen of having a mask or showing your true self. I would of liked reading more about how and why people mask themselves in the form of personas. I enjoyed your podcast 🙂 Good work


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