Marketing…it’s everywhere!

It is almost impossible to create new content that can be easily recognised and stumbled upon on the Internet. The only way to get it out there is through multiple platforms.

Transmedia storytelling is the process of creating a single fictional story experience across multiple platforms. If you think of your content as a product that you are trying to sell, transmedia storytelling is the means by which you sell it. There are an abundance of examples of transmedia storytelling; in fact we are watching them unfold right under our noses.

One example: The Marvel Universe.

There is no doubt Marvel has been, and still is, one of the most popular franchises today. Each segment of the Marvel universe adds up to one big story that all ties in together. Marvel reaches a lot of platforms; comics, movies, tv series, gaming, online forums, etc. These platforms act as vectors for people to discover more about the story they are interested in. This then leads to fan-art, memes, gifs, fan-fiction, etc.

Red hot chili peppers, Halo, Skyrim and game of thrones are just a few of the other examples of Transmedia storytelling that convey a coherent story/experience for the consumer. They can also come in the form of products e.g. the infamous “Changing colour dress”.



One Reply to “Marketing…it’s everywhere!”

  1. Very Cool post. I like how you took the idea of marketing through a transmedia world and ran with it. Would have liked to have seen some video/media examples of Marvels’s/RHCP/etc, just to back up your points. Nice mindf**k meme also haha.


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