Misconceptions of Veganism (BCM310 Research Proposal)

I have always had a fascination with diets and nutrition. The food we consume on a daily basis can have such an extraordinary impact on our health. Documentaries such as the infamous “Supersize-Me” and “That Sugar Film” have made people aware of the importance of eating healthy and watching what you eat.

What I am researching and how?

At the beginning of the year, I met a study abroad student who was a vegan. One day I was asking her about why she chose to be a vegan. I found my self infatuated with what she was saying and I just wanted to know more and more. I found myself feeling ignorant and naive because all I had ever heard about veganism was bad things. For example, “vegans are a minority… a cult… vegans aren’t getting enough nutrients… veganism is bad for your health” However, this was not the case.

It was made apparent to me in my “Emerging Issues in Media and Communications” class (BCM310) Week 4 lecture “THE ANIMAL” that this is a topic that I haven’t really heard much about. It is a media communication issue waiting to be addressed. That’s when I decided to do my research project on the “Misconceptions on Veganism”.

I want to explore the advantages and disdvantages of Veganism and the common misconceptions of Veganism in contemporary media.

As for my research style, I watch a lot of documentaries and I wanted my research project to be in that documentary/movie style similarly to that of Louis Theroux, Damon Gameau and Morgan Spurlock.

I have be mulling over this idea since Week 4. Since then I have done research into several sources looking to learn more about Veganism. These are just some examples that I took the most from:

I particularly like these four resources as they strip down what veganism essentially is. I come from a very traditionalist and conservative country town where they don’t really like change and veganism in particular is frowned upon because it potentially threatens the jobs of farmers (e.g. cattle farmers, sheep farmers, etc.). Through my research I plan to inform more people about veganism and hopefully break down some of the stereotypes associated with it.

I want to make a research project that will open people’s minds to concepts that they don’t know much about and I want it to be enjoyable, friendly and fun to watch.

How I plan to present my findings?

I plan to present my findings in blog and video form. I will be making an introductory video where I interview vegans. Then I will make very short videos and blog posts that document my experiences trying to be a vegan for two weeks. And finally I will make a Summary video and blog post that will end my research and present my findings.

Time Management:

I am a chronic procrastinator and I have very VERY poor time management. But my problem with previous BCM projects was not just this, but the fact I was doing a project that I didn’t enjoy. With this project especially, I have been thinking about it for weeks and it excites me. I am very passionate about issues such as this. So this time, I have made a thorough timeline that I will have to stick too or the whole project with fail. Yay!

  • Week 10:
    I wanted this week to open the conversation by giving a brief introduction video where I interview two vegans (which I have already organised interviews for) about their positive and negative experiences with veganism.

    • Tuesday 9th May 2017
    • Interview 2 Vegans about their experiences with veganism. Example questions include:
      • When and why they chose to become a vegan?
      • What personal experiences have they had?
      • Do they get bullied for being a vegan
      • As a Vegan do they feel Targeted?
      • Do they go hungry?
      • Do they miss meat?
      • Do they have trouble finding what they can eat?
    • Start a blog where people can follow my research.
  • Week 11 & 12:
    From Sunday 14th May 2017 until Sunday 28th May 2017, I will go vegan. I will document all my experiences, for example; if it was hard to find food?, did I find it hard to fill up? Did people judge me when I told them I was vegan?

    • Go vegan for two weeks
    • Record my positive and negative experiences
    • Upload a short video every 3 days to my blog.
    • For example; Have meals with vegan friends, trying to find a restaurant that accommodates vegan food, shopping for vegan food, etc.
  • Week 13
    In this week I will produce a final video that summaries my experiences and hopefully addresses the misrepresentations of vegans in the media. 

    • Review of my vegan experience
    • Summarise my findings
    • Upload summary video accompanied by a short blog post.

In summary, I am very excited and passionate about this project and cannot wait to get started next week.


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