power of the people

The paradigm shift of closed media to open source media has come as quite a shock to many people. As we now have the ability to be active users of social media and other online forums, we can now all contribute pieces of information to collectively form and frame a story.

This idea is known as “Collective intelligence”. An event happens, information is aggregated by the people and this then creates a story.

People contributing pieces of information to a online platform that they actively participate in to collectively form a story.

A perfect example of collective intelligence is Wikipedia. Wikipedia acts as an online encyclopaedia and is written by the people who use it. Early Wikipedia Information could be edited and updated at any point. This meant people would edit real facts and change them to humorous things. That’s where wikipedia’s bad reputation comes from and why people say “Wikipedia is not a real reference”. enhanced-buzz-25906-1386264818-13

Anyways, since then Wikipedia have started to moderate content on their website to avoid incorrect/inaccurate information.


One Reply to “power of the people”

  1. Hey there Nick, great blog post! I love the comparison of wikipedia as an example of ‘collective intelligence’, followed with the ‘Spot the Dog’ description. Witty juxtaposition, because although the technical term for wikipedia is a site based off ‘collective intelligence’, may not always be the most intelligent of all sources. I would of loved to hear more about the rise of the significance of meme warfare. Check out this article that teaches you how to make a truly spicy meme https://theconversation.com/memetics-and-the-science-of-going-viral-64416.

    With love, Puby.


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