On the 22nd March 2017, there was an attack on Westminster parliament, which became known as the “Westminster attack”

This blew up over twitter instantly, people at the scene posting photo’s and other information with the hashtag #londonattack.

This quickly turning into #prayforlondon, the content of which was mostly showing condolences and paying respects to those caught up in the horrific event.

People were as quick to blame ISIS as they were as quick to claim it. However, then the racism began with people posting discriminating content against Islam.

The famous post that came of of this was the muslim lady ignoring the scene of horror:

However, this was soon proved to be photoshop and propaganda.


The main point here is that we have officially shifted from a centralised network to a distributed network. Social media allows us to participate in a conversation that explores all aspect of the situations at hand. This is only one example of its power.

Spot the difference?


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