Crafting Dragon Ball Glitch

Gaming, as a craft, has allowed for fan art to emerge such as glitch art. Hit anime tv show, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), remains one of the most popular tv/game series of this generation. It was crafted into a game in the early 80’s and over recent years it has transformed from an arcade game to a 3-d RPG where players can create their own characters, adventures and worlds.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, DBZ fighting games were dying. Fans were complaining that nothing new was happening. They were sick of the same characters using the same moves to do the same things over and over again.

So the creators introduced character creation and full customisation of fighting moves into the new game (DBZ: Xenoverse 2). By giving the player an opportunity to craft the game the way they wanted it, players now felt a closer connection to the game due to the abundance of opportunity and experience that lay in crafting characters and worlds.

So, does the ability to craft and create our own versions of other people’s content enhance creativity? Or limit it?



One Reply to “Crafting Dragon Ball Glitch”

  1. I Guess being able to craft and create our own version of other people’s content enhances our own personal creativity. Taking a person’s finished or unfinished work and changing/expanding it to fit your needs and wants, benefits you greatly. Depending on the work, by the consumer changing the work to benefit them wont have any direct impact on the original poster (OP). By taking other people works and expanding on it not only enhances our creativity but may also enhance the OP. The OP may (or may not) see how their original work has been changed/expanded on and may like the changes that have been made and may take that into consideration for their next piece.


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