The dark fiber and the fappening…

There is no privacy in cyberspace. There never has been and there never will be. Cyberspace has no rules, no restrictions and no boundaries. Every interaction online provides some sort of information to cyberspace. Once this information is out there it is copied…and copied again…and again and again. Now your information is out there in cyberspace and it will never be private again.

Walled gardens are notorious for recording and storing personal data. It is much cheaper to record data and keep it, than to filter and censor it. Snapchat saves all your snaps to an online server and facebook has documents upon documents of your personal information stored in their database. This is all well and good, but what happens when our privacy is breached…0TxYorw.png

The Fappening was a horrendous and traumatic occurrence where a hacker broke into the snapchat online server and found explicit pictures of famous celebrities. They took these crude images and uploaded them to a website that could be accessed by any member of the public. It was dangerous and reckless as it not only tainted the celebrity’s careers but it also could be accessed by any member of the public i.e. kids.

People with knowledge cannot be trusted because knowledge is power. In a world where information wants to be free there are no rules an no privacy.


3 Replies to “The dark fiber and the fappening…”

  1. haha the memes are amazing. I liked how you gave an example of what can happen once the information stored online is breached. People need to be careful about what they share and post.


  2. Love your memes lol, yep is it true that everything is on freedom of access on the dark net, that everyone will have a chance to access it. in that way i think its all back at us with what content we want to post online. i like the idea you related to the fappening it actually great example.


  3. Haha top quality. I take the position that we are responsible for everything we post, and everyone needs to be aware that even the things we do in private can be obtained. I think it’s important that we all become technologically literate with things like the cloud, because the Fappening is a perfect example of people not understanding iCloud. Teach people how it works, and get the companies who run the cloud to make it more accessible and user friendly, and we have a better online world.


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