MEDA202 Project Proposal

As the theme for the MEDA202 projects was “the nature of curiosity”, I knew I had to think back to my childhood memories of being absolutely blown away by something wondrous and magical. After bouncing through a range of ideas, I settled on one that involved objects and sound. When I was a child, I experienced wonderment when I saw musical teacups similar to the ones in the video below:

I remember being fascinated by these objects and wanting to know more about how they worked. I took this idea and applied it to the concept of the ‘wunderkammern'(cabinets of curiosity) because they had also caught my interest when Jo presented them to us in a lecture.

Essentially, my idea involves a room with a desk of objects such as a hammer, a flower, a jar of coins and a rubix cube. Most of these common objects have had an influence on people at some point in their lives. I will be situated in the room next door with the same objects watching the people interacting with my work and when they pick up an object I will use the same objects to make sounds. E.g. if they pick up the hammer, I will smash the hammer on the desk in the room next door. (Check out the featured image above).

When I presented this idea to my tutor, the response was positive, he really liked the idea of my work and encouraged me to take it further. His advice was put it together as soon as possible so I can start experimenting with different sounds and objects.

The responses from my peers were varied. Some positive and others negative. Most people liked the idea and thought that it would be interesting. Others said I should try to use less objects as four might be too hard to manage. One student said it would be too hard and that I should try and do a performance work instead. All of these comments were constructive and I am trying to take all of there thoughts into account whilst constructing my project. Another student also commented that human error plays a big part in this project and he liked the idea of that. This idea of human error intrigued me and got me thinking that maybe I could push my project into a less digitally oriented realm where most interactions in my project would be done by me.

My plan is to have my work mostly completed by the end of week 13. This way I will have time to make slight adjustments and tweaks to slowly keep improving it. In the weeks leading up to week 13, I will experiment with different objects, sounds and light in order to find the most interactive and aesthetic qualities of my work. I think the main process that is going to lead to the improvement of my work is trial and error. Hopefully after implementing this process some light might be shed on how to make my project better.


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