The bridge of pebbles and the open gate…

Legacy Media no longer has dominant control of information flows. Gatekeepers have almost been deleted; they are no longer a problem when it comes to the distribution of information. Due to the internet as distributed network, social media has allowed individuals to access and add information and thus information flows freely.

The attention economy demands that content itself is no longer valuable. Aggregators and curators of content are now valuable in a free content environment. Sites like reddit and 4chan allow information flow freely with no restrictions. These sites invite participation of the individual and when the individual participates, content is distributed. Gatekeepers no longer restrict content, content is now monitored by gate-watchers.

So, how long will it be until gatekeepers are completely erased and non-existent?


4 Replies to “The bridge of pebbles and the open gate…”

  1. I agree with your point about aggregators and curators. As information and content proliferate, the most important resources are fast becoming the ones that collect similar content. This has a profound effect on legacy news sources and gatekeeping practices as it has become impossible to monitor how people consume their media and what media is being consumed.


  2. Nice blog post, however i would have liked a bit more substance to the post itself, but the information was great and the meme was great, love austin powers. Just a bit more detail with maybe some statistics or more images would have made this a fantastic blog, still a good post though.


  3. I don’t believe that the current legacy media entities will ever cease to exist; however they must adapt to their modern successors if they want their company to continue to be profitable. I think this post could benefit from a case study into the consequences of the Legacy Media getting left behind or perhaps just a few quick hyperlinks to such sources.


  4. Nice post, i could benefit from a bit more detail and some sources. In response to your question i don’t think gate keepers will ever completely disappear, there will always be some content that is restricted from certain individuals.


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