The nature of Apple and the robotics of Android…

After being posed with the question of “Comfort or freedom?”, I found myself quoting the Old El Paso Taco advert , “Why not do both?”. It would be wonderful if the simplicity of Apple could find a way to blend with the almost unlimited possibilities that the Android phone offers, or vice versa. If that were to occur, where would we be? A world with a phone that offers freedom and comfort sound pretty darn good to me.

Sadly, this is not the case. The closed Apple ecosystem and the open android system are so vastly different even though they both offer similar services. Apple’s philosophy of an iPhone as an information appliance versus a computing device like an Android phone. If Android occupies roughly 85% of the market then surely in a few year time, the apple iPhone, as a centralised network, will surely need to adopt the android system of open and free information.

It will be interesting to see where both these company’s take their phones in the days to come. Whether Apple will continue to monopolise by offering simplicities and comfort? Or whether Apple will team up with Android to create a phone that accommodates both notions of comfort and freedom?


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