What’s the point?

“The attention economy and the long tail effect” explores the notion of content value and how we have shifted from consumers and producers. Due to the network paradigm shift, we now live in a distributed information network (internet). This means content is losing value. Content now has millions and trillions of copies that can be sourced all over the Internet for little to no cost. Value is now found in the management, production and distribution of content.

Content itself has lost value and now we find that attention to content adds value. There are copies of everything on the Internet, but personal experience is priceless and irreplaceable.

For example, video stores (i.e. Blockbuster). Value was found in renting films, and because it costs money, people placed high value in these films. However, now streaming services like Netflix have put these video stores out of business. These services like Netflix have removed value from these films as they can now be easily accessed on the Internet for a cheaper price. Value is now placed in the production of the content and how it is distributed. Netflix holds value, as it is a hub that distributes “copies” of the movies.

So the question is, will content ever hold value again?


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