A Distributed Network of Total Anarchy…

Network Society Paradigm - Imgur


We live in a time where anyone and everyone has the power to express and explore information available on the internet. From a centralised network (super strict and controlled) to a distributed network (super chill, relaxed and an absolute mess), a distinct shift can be seen that has left us with a changed world.

To go from a very controlled, coordinated and connected system (efficient, fast and without wastage) to one of total anarchy and mayhem is a bizarre occurrence.

Our eyes were opened to cyberspace and in turn we were introduced to Cyberculture. The emergence of cyberpunk and cyberlibertarian tropes has allowed us more access to information and new innovative ideas, which has allowed us to evolve as a species. We find ourselves tied between the virtual reality of cyberspace and the everyday life of the real world. We find ourselves questioning what it means to be “human”.

The rapid advancements in networking and communication has allowed a more liberated and free flow of information to more people all around the world. A distributed network may not be perfect or efficient, but for now it is effective and seems to work.


3 Replies to “A Distributed Network of Total Anarchy…”

  1. Interesting to think about how much the world has been impacted by the internet, and how much networking and communication has allowed for information to be more free flowing and easier to access. The last sentence finished this post off really well as for now, the distributed network is indeed efficient


  2. I think the Internet has had a huge impact on everyone, and at such a rapid rate too. I agree with what you’re saying about a distributed network working and being effecting – if it isn’t broken why fix it? I’m sure there will come a time where it stops working for people and thats when we should worry about it. Maybe an example to go along with what your saying would help with your explanation.


  3. The “One does not simply” meme was used correctly which is good. There are quite a few times where people use memes incorrectly which ruin their comedic value. While the post was concise, it would have been to see some sources or links that led you to the opinion that you have in this post.


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