Telegraphs to Twitter.


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The telegraph was the starting point of non-physical communication. Although it took ages for a message to be sent from one side of the world to the other, it was still a start and better than smoke signals.

As time went on and more intricate ways of communication were invented/discovered, the time it took to send and receive a message got quicker and quicker. It got so quick, it became instant, “The Idea of Now”. Instant messaging was revolutionary, tying globalisation up into a tight little ball and making the world a smaller place. Twitter, facebook, skype, snapchat all revolutionised the way we communicate with each other as we can now send a message and get an instant reply. We are able to keep in touch in a faster and easier way.

Our global nervous system is forever developing and becoming more intricate as time passes by. Can’t wait to see the next communication revolution!



  1. Ryan Catbagan · August 8

    Hey Nick

    Really liked this post! kept it short, sweet and easy to understand. Loved the addition of the GIF as well aha
    In the last paragraph you delved into how the global nervous system of the world is forever developing and becoming more intricate, what do you believe is next? To tie in with the GIF you used, I reckon hoverboards are as far as technological advancements, but as far as communication I find it hard to imagine more forms.


  2. kaylaforsyth · August 14

    I found your gif really clever and humorous, it got straight to the point. It’s amazing how we depend on immediacy today compared to the days of the telegraph where it took possibly a week to send one message. This is an interesting article that highlights our dependancy of instant messaging and the need to be always notified instantaneously:


  3. briana · August 16

    Good post, short and concise. You could discuss new technologies that have made communication quicker and easier. Check out this article about how smartphones have changed society.


  4. serenabuckley · August 18

    Hey Nick, solid argument – you focused on the key points of the topic without getting off track. I found your post an enjoyable read as I understood everything you were communicating. For next time, you may want to consider adding in some facts or figures to support your argument. References to secondary sources will enhance the validity of your blog post and suggest you have conducted research on the topic prior to writing about it.
    This may be a helpful source as it is straight to the point much like your blog post but also contains some interesting information.


  5. Clancy Carr · August 19

    Nice work Nick, makes you wonder what’s next for communication doesn’t it? Having evolved from the telegraph to instantaneous and, just as importantly FREE, communication the next step is probably in improving fidelity and changing the experience ala VR or something.


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