Memories of Television

Over the years, TV has played an important part in our lives. So much so, that people of my generation (the connected generation), can’t remember a time without it.

A few days ago I interviewed Tyson Pinney (age 20) on his experiences with television and how it has changed over time.

I interviewed Tyson at a nice bar that overlooked the beach. We got a beer, sat down, and cut right to it. The following is a summary of the information Tyson told me. For the purpose of this blog post, I have selected all relevant content and put it into a short summary below:

 Tyson – “I grew up in a small town called Temora, out in the middle of nowhere about an hour from Wagga Wagga. I’ve lived there the majority of my life until I moved away for university. I lived with my mum, dad and younger brother…We had a little analogue Panasonic TV out in the back room of my house away from the dining room and away from the living room. It was a specific room for the TV watching only. There were also bookshelves in their cause mum likes to read a lot and that’s where she stored them. This TV we had was a black box with an antenna at the back. Unlike TV’s these days it wasn’t a flat screen and it had to be manually turned on. The remote only changed channels and adjusted volume. The TV sat on top of a bookshelf which was about half the height of the room. My mum was very strict on TV rules saying that we would get square eyes if we watch it too much. Dad didn’t care. So, me and my brother were only allowed to watch maybe 2 hours of TV a day total. Of course we never did this, I have some great memories of waking up super early some mornings and sneaking the TV on so I could watch some more. I would also sneak into the kitchen and grab a tub of milo and eat it straight from the tin while I watched my favourite cartoons. This TV was the only one we had in the house but the only people who watched it were my dad, brother and me… I remember one morning I snuck up early and went to turn the TV on to watch my favourite cartoon at the time which was “Dragon Ball Z”. I was never allowed to watch this because mum said it was too violent and it was sending the wrong message to kids. But I really liked the show, so I sneakily watched it all the time. Anyways, this one time I woke up to watch it, I was being so quiet, not a sound to be made except the light step of my foot on the carpet, I was so careful, I reached up to switch the TV on and…..IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z!!! Hahaha, it was so loud it woke mum up. I mustn’t have turned it down from the night before. Mum came in and yelled at me and I wasn’t allowed to watch TV at all for two weeks. But I still snuck in a few viewings here and there haha…”

As Tyson and I talked more and more about our memories of TV we found ourselves becoming more engaged with the conversation and even excited. It was fun to reminisce on all the old shows that we liked and how far the TV technology has come since we were young. I thought it was funny that Tyson’s mum also said he would get “square eyes” from watching TV cause that’s exactly what my mum used to say to me. Furthermore, I was surprised by the fact that Tyson was only limited to 2 hours of TV a day. I couldn’t believe it. He said his mum was very strict about weird things like that.

I think it would be interesting to continue developing these memories of TV and logging them to track how they affected people in different stages of their lives. It definitely was really interesting to discuss these things with Tyson. Now on a nostalgic tone, I leave you with a question, how does your TV experiences and memories impact you and the media space around you?


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