“Tedious Weeds that the Media Breeds…” – Anthony Kiedis

When it comes to the media, whether it be social, print or televised, many topics covered are open to various opinions and perspectives resulting in an ultimate sense of speculation. Any form of media can have a detrimental effect on the world around us. It has become the means by which we as the public receive and interpret information; and because there are so many different types of media, every story is told in a different way. Creating a world with vastly different opinions.

At the beginning of 2014, famous actor and comedian Russell Brand, began a program called the “Trews” which consists of a variety of Youtube Clips exposing the media as a medium by which any information can be manipulated in order to change or slightly adjust the opinions of the public and otherwise damage social structure. Thus, Brand’s ultimate goal is to feed the public the ‘Truth’ by critically analysing the media. Since the beginning of the “Trews”, Brand has posted a video on Youtube everyday, discussing and exposing the media, and pushing past the jargon in order to find, essentially, the “Truth”. The topics Brand covers are numerous and various, they include ‘Gay Marriage/Abortion’, ‘Immigration’, ‘Racism’, ‘Corrupt Business Corporations’, etc.

Although Brand points out key flaws in the way society has been moulded by the media, he lacks the ability to point out logical solutions. Russell Brand has had a rough life as he was a drug addict and sex addict for a number of years. Yet, as he is now sober, some of his philosophies that have assisted him to break away from his addictions have now penetrated their way into his channel of thought. For example, his solutions to these societal problems caused by the media tend to include comments about spirituality, consciousness  and how we all need to align our minds in order to develop a society that can break away from all the media manipulation and focus on rebuilding social structure.With all the hype Brand has stirred up in the U.K., the media have become anxious and have recently started to attack Brand calling him a Hypocrite (Click link to watch video). Attacking Brand as a Hypocrite just goes to show the defensive nature of the media and that they may indeed have something to hide.

Although I don’t support either side, I do strongly believe the media’s coverage of recent events, such as the Martin Place siege and the Boston Marathon Bombings, has crossed a line. People do need to know about these incidents, but they do not, however, need to be bombarded with live footage of people being killed for the next month. Ethically it crosses many boundaries and ultimately results in a pessimistic view of society.

Therefore, if the media continues to hide the truth but only report tragic events for long periods of time, the consequences will ultimately have a a negative impact on society and further shape a pessimistic image of the world as we know it.


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