Veganism (Misconceptions and Experiences)

These last couple of weeks have been so insightful. I went Vegan for two weeks and have learnt so much about nutrition and what we consume.

Let me start right here, there are many misconceptions of veganism out there that we are completely oblivious too. Number 1 being DAIRY. At what point in time did we decide, “hey…do you know what could be fun to drink? Cows milk because obviously the calves don’t need it, so we’ll just give it a little try” (*Insert sarcastic tone here*).  Read More

Fruit Salad: Play-Testing

Play Test I:

IMG_3151.jpgI conducted my first play-test in class on 12th May 2017. I had whipped up a prototype of my board game that was made out of butchers paper and playdoh.

Many of my classmates had expressed interest in playing my board game and I soon found out why…PLAYDOH! They all were mesmerised by the playdoh and they kept playing with it after the play test was finished.

The playdoh really adds a nice touch of ludic play to my board game with the ability to create any fruit you want to.

Even though Fruit Salad uses mostly padic play, it was good to have the creative touch of the playdoh. Read More

Thoughts In A Cracked Bottle (MEDA101 Final Project)

“Thoughts In A Cracked Bottle” is a piece that reflects on the anxious mind. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Tasks that seem simple are always more complicated when you look at the raw mechanics of them. This film captures the natural human instinct and thought process of attempting to solve everyday problems focusing on how we constantly think about ways to improve things. Read More

personas, fame and the mask

People are influenced by personality. We tend to follow and look-up-to personalities we can relate to. The internet and social media has given us means to create a “bio” which is a snippet of who we are and what we do. By creating an online persona we are presenting ourselves to other people in a way that can be very influential. Micro celebrities have emerged and they hold a great deal of power and influence over their followers.

An example of a well-established micro-celebrity is “Chase Eagleson”.
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.27 AMChase is a musician and he covers popular songs. He has quite a hefty following and has established himself across multiple platforms (twitch, youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook). Each online persona he has created across these platforms is consistent and they are all interconnected. People send in song requests to Chase and he plays them for his audience.

The question is, are these micro-celebs narcissistic or lonely? Are they honest or deceitful? Are they just wearing a mask?

Food for thought.

The android and the apple…

Now I know I’ve written about this before, but I’m more than happy to do it again.

A modern day mobile phone is capable of so much. It is mind blowing that a device so small can hold so much power. The fact is mobile phones are our interface to the Internet. We are always connected to the Internet wherever we go as long as we have our phones with us. We need to find a new name for phones because “calling someone” is not the primary purpose of them anymore.

The focus now, is not on the power of the device, but the control of the user. How much control do we have over our mobile phones?

Apple phones are a closed source; everything is done for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Whereas, Android is open source; you are free to experiment with settings, software and other utilities.

There will always be a conflict between Apple and Android. Which one do you think is better in the long term?

Marketing…it’s everywhere!

It is almost impossible to create new content that can be easily recognised and stumbled upon on the Internet. The only way to get it out there is through multiple platforms.

Transmedia storytelling is the process of creating a single fictional story experience across multiple platforms. If you think of your content as a product that you are trying to sell, transmedia storytelling is the means by which you sell it. There are an abundance of examples of transmedia storytelling; in fact we are watching them unfold right under our noses.

One example: The Marvel Universe.

There is no doubt Marvel has been, and still is, one of the most popular franchises today. Each segment of the Marvel universe adds up to one big story that all ties in together. Marvel reaches a lot of platforms; comics, movies, tv series, gaming, online forums, etc. These platforms act as vectors for people to discover more about the story they are interested in. This then leads to fan-art, memes, gifs, fan-fiction, etc.

Red hot chili peppers, Halo, Skyrim and game of thrones are just a few of the other examples of Transmedia storytelling that convey a coherent story/experience for the consumer. They can also come in the form of products e.g. the infamous “Changing colour dress”.